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Credit goes to MatthewDratt, Lumorias Cinematic Director for the above videos.

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Overview: By the time Lumoria went into development in 2009, I had already been working in the Halo: Custom Edition editing kit for quite some time, mostly on multiplayer levels. I always really enjoyed the single player aspect of all of the Halo games and was a huge fan as well. I decided to put together a small team to focus on a new campaign which focused on vanilla style Halo: CE combat and experiences. The end result was a roughly 2hr expansion that felt like an add-on to the original game. Lumorias final build was released on October 5th, 2012.




Download: Encounter Design Documents


Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture Lumoria Picture

Design: Overall, the goal was quite simple with Lumoria: To create new levels that felt as if they could have belonged in Bungies original game. We wanted to encompass everything from vehicular combat to stealth and also be able to present classic cutscenes and voice acting within the level.


The campaign is split into 4 different levels, each one coming closer and closer to the epic climax of the story as a whole. The first level focuses more so on close quarters combat with the exception of a small vehicle section, while the second half relies more on vehicles while still keeping some on foot gameplay open to the player at all times.


The aesthetics of the campaign is largely based on the second level from Halo: Combat Evolved, trying to retain the same sense of wonder and awe of exploring an epic environment for the first time. Lush rolling hills and snowcapped mountains can be seen in the distance while moving through grassy environments. Lumoria presents a very alien world that still feels like Halo.


Responsibilites: I was not just a level designer, but also the team leader, which required keeping close contact to those around me that were also contributing to the project, specifically another level designer whom I worked close with, a cinematic creator, and all of our voice actors.


My main focuses were level design, which included:


• Drawing and planning certain levels/encounters


• Blocking out levels to ensure that they could be refined early on


• Coordinated and collaborated level design ideas with other level designer to ensure we found all encounters satisfactory to the both of us. Much iteration took place in these three stages.


• Implemented certain encounters throughout the levels.


• Modeled, refined, and polished exterior and certain interior areas seen throughout the levels and saw that they came to completion.


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