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Overview: I joined the Halo: Custom Edition community back in 2007 with the aims of creating fun and popular levels that people wanted to play. This community is still very active today and is essentially what has brought me here. Showcased below is what I believe my best work in the multiplayer level design enviroment.


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Aquarii: This level took similar aesthetics to my previous level Garden, however its design and flow is radically different, using many teleporters and elongated hallways for combat. I took this approach in an attempt to create a similar map to the original Halo level "Rat Race". The level takes place inside of a futuristic aquarium. Released February 12th, 2014


Download: Aquarii Final

Download: Aquarii Design Document (pdf)

Aquarii Picture Aquarii Picture Aquarii Picture Aquarii Picture Aquarii Picture

Garden CE: This multiplayer level was created in 2009 and released on September 6th, 2009. It was largely inspired off of an Unreal Tournament map with a similar style. I took the aesthetics and inspiration and created a small level with more verticality and cqb combat fit for Halo.


Garden was rated #2 on for the top 50 multiplayer levels of 2010 with a rating of 9.5/10.


Download: Garden CE

Download: Garden Design Document (pdf)

Garden Picture Garden Picture Garden Picture Garden Picture Garden Picture

Geomar: Geomar is a large map that is visually inspired by the single player project Lumoria that I worked on. It was initially designed by Lumoria's skybox creator "Conscars", who then offered to let me take over the project. I decided to take on the project and finish the map. I held many beta tests to refine the level design and geometry, and the map proved great on CTF and team-based gametypes. Overall I brought the level from a block out to a fully polished level.


Download: Geomar Final

Gameplay Video - Credit to Tycho for the music.

Geomar Picture Geomar Picture Geomar Picture Geomar Picture

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